Friday, July 29, 2005

Cuba - The lost world... when will I be back there?!

As most of you already knew, I was just back from Cuba 1 week ago. It is a beautiful country with remnants of the colonial past still remain in architecture and culture, wonderful beaches and friendly people. It is where you still can see antique cars rolling on the streets that can only be seen in your "History of cars" book! It amazed me how well-built those cars was, still able to run after 30-40 years! But overall, Cuban people are poor. Normal workers can only make USD10/month ( Vietnam workers normally make USD70/month ) while everything here is more expensive than in Vietnam except food but the food is not good too, especially vegetable. It aint't fresh at all! The only good thing in Cuba is people are provided basic utilities like sugar, oil, bread, soap... every month in a minimum measure and schooling, medical cares are free!
I wasn't there for travelling since my first priority was to visit my uncle's family and help them financially if they need. My uncle got married with a Cuban and had 3 daughters but he died of cancer 5 years ago. Since then, in a period of 2 years, our big family in Vietnam kept on visiting and helping my aunt to raise the children and I got the chance to go Cuba this year. I was so glad to see them. After 7 years since I last met them, my 3 cousins look so different! Those half-blood Cuban-Vietnamese princesses are beautiful! They are all younger than me but are very good in studying! They are studying in the top school of Cuba and are very intelligent. It makes me feel shame of myself :( but proud! ( of them :) . Well, I'm missing them!! 1 week in Cuba gone so fast. I don't know when I can go back to see you all, 10 years? 20 years? I will try my best, make money and go back to see you again... I can't bear not see your dearest faces anymore!
Check out photos I took there in "My photos". I will also posting some soon...

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