Sunday, July 31, 2005


Number 7 is associated with bad luck, failure, love-lorn, etc. At least it's so true to me last month - July, the 7th month of the year, one hell of bad lucks and disappointments fell all over me!
At first, the journey to Cuba faced many obstructions. By flying via London, I needed to apply for Transit Visa for UK! Ever heard of that?! Normally u don't need a visa to a country if u only transit there and don't ever put a step inside that country, right?! Then, what's wrong with UK siah! Somemore, the visa fee is not cheap at all, S$100/person! Hah! Tourist visa to any Europe country cost u only around half of that! If u want to enter UK, the visa fee would be around S$200! Ain't that ridiculous! No wonder England is famous as the most conservative country in the world ( who else could be if u know only Britain and her colonial countries got right-handed steering wheel, but it's another story )! I won't complain much about it if at the first time, my visa application was accepted. Yeah, u don't hear wrongly, I was refused entry to UK because the bloody guy of the visa section said that my application didn't sound convincing to him, that my itinerary was so long while I can fly in shorter way by Air France. Ok, it's shorter but air tickets are more expensive and I can't persuade him about that. Damn conservative fucker! I needed to apply the second time, this time with a sponsorship from a British person and things go well. Guest what? I need to pay 100 bulks again because that guy said it was my fault not telling him at the first time that I got sponsorship, insisting that I have to pay again. Haiz... forget it, at least I could fly liao.
The bad luck does not end there. When I arrived in Havana - Cuba, my luggages was lost! Not actually but they only arrived after 3 years... I mean 3 days... every day needed to go to airport to check and went back with disappointment. But finally it settled on the 3rd day.
Well, bad luck continued to haunt me on the way back. On the day I have to go back Hanoi, the flight from Madrid was delayed! What should I do?! After a while running here and there to ask, finally Iberia - the Spanish airways booked me on the flight directly to London by Cubana - the Cuban airlines. It appeared to be a better route since I didn't need to transit at Madrid. Ok, lemme draw out my itinerary first so u don't get confused:
Hanoi -> Bangkok -> London -> Madrid -> Havana
Well, as I mentioned, my journey back started from Havana directly to London. Sounds good, doesn't it? But it turned out not! Instead of arriving at Heathrow airport in London, it landed on Gatwick! I got into trouble with Immigration procedure because i only got Transit Visa which means I am not allowed to enter UK which also means I cannot enter UK to travel from Gatwick to Heathrow!! But it was not my fault! It was Cubana's fault since they booked me on that flight. They should have checked my travel documents and known that problem! In the end, UK Immigration still let me get in with a promise that I have to leave UK in 24 hours. Thank you! The Immigration lady did my case was so nice and considerate!
I had to pay S$50 for a bus trip from Gatwick to Heathrow! Well, is that considered visiting England, haha... I am going there anyway.
It hadn't yet to cease! When I arrived in Hanoi, my luggage lost again! But this time, the service was much better. It was found 2 days later and delivered to my home with an apology!
I was thinking about it and believe that July was not a good month for me to do anything but what said is done, how to reverse the time! Anything I did turned out to be a disaster with such disappointment and pain. Today is 1/8, hope that things get better this month... One more thing, today is my dad birthday!

Carpe diem

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