Friday, July 27, 2007


I will try to write as much as I can about my travels, may not be everything but at least for now I want to write something. My writing could be incoherent as I will write anything come into my mind and I won't try to organize it. If I miss something, I will write it later. Start with my most recent trip...
...And so I packed my bag and left to Vienna, the city of imperial glories that are slowly fading away, this time only alone. Vienna welcome me with the heat of 36 Celsius degree that burn away anythings left from the rainy UK. Everything in Vienna is so German: big building, wide boulevards, people speak German and no crossing on the roads when the light shows red even when there's no a single car in sight. My hostel is at the end of the U4 metro, 30 minutes away from city centre, nothing could be worse, no places could be further... well, at least they do serve a good breakfast or else I would very much regret my choice. My first dinner was a take-way quarter of a pizza at only EUR 2.5, taste wasn't bad since I was too hungry. Sleep was a struggle with the heat and I couldn't get naked to sleep because there were 3 other Argentinians sharing the dorm with me and 2 of them are girls. As a compensate, Vienna has many things to offer, ranging from palaces, high-baroque to gothic churches. At the time I was hurry for the train to the airport leaving to Amsterdam, I still left Belvedere Palace behind undiscovered. Better luck next time.

Carpe diem

My Europe trips

In the past 2 years in UK, I didn't just lazily sitting my butt in front of the computer but I did a little bit of traveling as well. Here are my journeys so far (in chronological order and excluding various trips in the UK and the trip to Morocco on Xmas 2006), I will love these free and joyful times:
Summer 2006: Italia - Greece - Germany
Easter 2007: France - Spain
Summer 2007 (just finished): Austria - The Netherlands - Norway

Carpe diem