Friday, April 29, 2005

In Seoul

Hi, for the past few days I cannot blog and post photos because we cannot use Internet at Pusan and Daegu. Therefore we are having A LOT of photos in our memory cards... will post it soon ( have some photos of girls again ^^ ).
We are now in Seoul... Have been seeing a lot places and wonderful scenes until sian ^^. Hope to see u guys very soon...
By the way, anyone know what's Azhar's birthday?

Carpe diem

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here comes the interesting part of the trip...

Today we were wandering to explore Jeju with the tour group. Jeju has a lot of great scenes including cliff, mountain and waterfall... I took a lot of photos as usual and so does Maomao. The interesting part that I mentioned is we made acquaintance with some Korea girls on the way...

1. Kim Soo Wen
Image hosted by

2.Jun Tae Young
Image hosted by

3.Chae Young Joo
Image hosted by

Too bad, we are leaving Jeju tomorrow :(

Photos of scenes get from "My photos" link because the quality much better than photos that I post on the blog.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

1st day in Korea

Today is the first day in Korea. We arrived at Seoul Incheon then went directly to Everland Entertainment Park. We took some nice photos. Check out here:
We flied to Jeju Island at afternoon. Will upload photos of Jeju later... See u all soon! Need to leave now...

Carpe diem

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Today is unusual

Our plan for ice-skating was cancelled, instead of that we catched "The Interpreter" at Lido. The unusual thing is everybody was so busy today...shit...We had to go back home earlier than expected...
At this moment I'm indulging myself in my favorite genre: Metal. I am becoming more and more into progressive and doom metal. It means I'm drowning deeper and deeper into sadness...

"Now playing" list: Viva Emptiness - Katatonia
Dance of December Souls - Katatonia
Deadwing - Porcupine Tree

Carpe diem

Friday, April 22, 2005

2nd crazy moment

Oh God, how come my life turned out like this!! Is this because I'm a pagan... from whom or from what did I lose my confidence , even when I try my best with all my courage and bravery, I'm still a losing soldier on the battlefield... Did I lose my way to a strange land? Am I that worthless? Wherever I go, I am always a forlorn traveller, can never step out of this circle, gone astray... when can I find the way? God, guide me through with thy lucid mind! I'm so tattered and torn...

Carpe diem

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I take this test from ji@'s blog and apply to me. It's so TRUE! Guys, give it a try.

You are longing for a little love and tenderness. At present you are feeling very sensitive and need a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. You don't need any further stresses, strains or arguments so take a deep breath and relax.

Always anxious to accept the role of the leader, as indeed you often work well with people - but try to stay out of the limelight. You'd like a life of ease with no one to rock the boat and someone who understands you is so important in your life.

In spite of all the opposition, you are insisting that your goals are realistic but circumstances are forcing you to compromise. You are not very happy with this situation but there is little that you can do about it. You have very strict standards which you try to apply to everyone who enters your sphere of influence.

You are trying to prove yourself - not only to yourself but also to everyone around you. There is much that you would like to say and do but the situation warrants self-restraint and that is the last thing that you have on your mind. It would seem that you have an unsatisfied need to ally yourself with others whose standards are as high as your own. You want to be different - to stand out from the crowd. This is subjecting you to considerable stress but you tend to stick to your attitudes despite lack of appreciation. Of course, you are finding the situation uncomfortable and would like nothing better but to break away from it but you don't like the idea of compromise. Your main problem is that you are unable to resolve the situation because you continually postpone making the necessary decisions. You feel that if you make the wrong choice this would lead to such opposition that you would not be able to command the esteem of others. It is essential that those around you are prepared to comply with your wishes.

You are greatly impressed by individuality and have interest in people who have outstanding qualities. You try to imitate those people that you admire and their characteristics, hoping that you will be able to display similar qualities in your own personality.

Carpe diem

Everything went smoothly today...

1. I received confirmation for my guest house booking in Korea ( Victor, no need to worry that we may have to sleep at Seoul's MRT already ^^ )
2. I bought the air ticket to Hanoi at only 71$S ( one-way ) from Tiger Airways. They are having promotion from 21-28/4 for travelling until 30/6. Going back Hanoi on 7/5, anyone wanna go to Vietnam is welcome! I will provide free accomodation ^^

I catched a movie late at night at Cathay called "Shikoku". This movie sucks! Waste my money! It's a "not so scary" ghost movie which means it failed to score high in its genre! One funny thing: I saw both Yukari and Hinako in that movie! ( names of those characters ^^ )

Carpe diem

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I lost 1100S$ today...

... to travel agent ^^ . Victor and I went to travel agent at around 3pm to make payment for the tour to Korea. We're going to Korea on this Sunday - 24/4. The tour is for 8 days only but we are not going back together with them ( we'll stay back for a few days to explore Seoul ^^ ). So we'll be back at Singapore on 3/5. Anyone coming to see us off?
After leaving Fook Hai building at Chinatown, we headed to Lucky Plaza - Orchard Road for pool session. At Mamboo, Victor beated me after 14 games at 9/5 :( ... but after that we had dinner at Far East Plaza, I was recharged and defeated him later after 7 games at 5/2 :) . Kenny - Victor's college did not come to join us so we went off early.
Now, starting to prepare for the trip... finally can enjoy my holiday...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

1st crazy moment


Victor - Victoria - Victory --> sound nice to me :)) I'm flattered.


I should announce to all of you that sometimes I myself could be out of my mind like our beloved Chinchin so please don't mind or feel worried about me ( if there is someone really does ), I would be fine after that. Since I have my blog, I could expose it here, right here from my subconscious mind!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Basket ball session

It's been quite a while since I played basket ball with Chinchin and Clemen ( Chinchin's friend - a semi-professional basket ball player ^^ ) because after Chinchin went to Japan, we all was busy with ITP.
Clemen teamed up with Weixiang ( another friend ) and Chinchin was with me. We managed to get a draw of 2-2 after four matches since Clemen was not in a good form ( he was quite tired and weary ). We had to retreat early because the rain was coming and finally fell down heavily. Nevertheless, the main reason was because Chin wanted to go for Jap class eagerly despite the heavy rain ( u all knew the reason for that! *shrug* )


Sunday, April 17, 2005

My first post

Well, this blog of mine is up due to the request of someone who is super "kpo" ^^... wanna peak at others' personal lives. What could i say? Hmm... Guys! Try to keep this blog "alive" as I'm super lazy to post since my life is boring like hell!

I will start with some photos taken from the gathering today ( supposed to be a welcome dinner for Chinchin, Yaomin and Azhar ). Photos taken at TCC - a coffee shop somewhere nearby Sim Lim Square.


The second photo is great with Yaomin and Novia in the center, but quite blurred on edges ( sorry Azhar and Tracy ^^ )


After that, we all went to a karaoke box at Chinatown. However, I didnt sing much as my main activity was playing some kind of "5-10" game ( don't remember how Tracy called it ) with Tracy, Gracie ^^ and Chinchin. Loser had to drink a mixture of juice, milo, tea and alcoholic drink. Finally, it seems like Gracie was the most badly affected by this.
How are u now? ^^

That's more than enough for a beginning... I gotta sleep now. Bye all....