Sunday, April 17, 2005

My first post

Well, this blog of mine is up due to the request of someone who is super "kpo" ^^... wanna peak at others' personal lives. What could i say? Hmm... Guys! Try to keep this blog "alive" as I'm super lazy to post since my life is boring like hell!

I will start with some photos taken from the gathering today ( supposed to be a welcome dinner for Chinchin, Yaomin and Azhar ). Photos taken at TCC - a coffee shop somewhere nearby Sim Lim Square.


The second photo is great with Yaomin and Novia in the center, but quite blurred on edges ( sorry Azhar and Tracy ^^ )


After that, we all went to a karaoke box at Chinatown. However, I didnt sing much as my main activity was playing some kind of "5-10" game ( don't remember how Tracy called it ) with Tracy, Gracie ^^ and Chinchin. Loser had to drink a mixture of juice, milo, tea and alcoholic drink. Finally, it seems like Gracie was the most badly affected by this.
How are u now? ^^

That's more than enough for a beginning... I gotta sleep now. Bye all....

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