Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pieces of emotion

The rain is falling... I feel so lonely and sad. Turn on the player, and now music is playing...

Forever and one - Helloween

Forever and one I will miss u
However I kiss u, yet again
Way down in Neverland

Too proud to fight, I'm walking back into night
Will I ever find someone to believe?

How could u hide your lies? Your lies...

November rain - Guns N' Roses

Nothing last forever and we both know heart can change
And It's hard to hold a candle in the cold November's rain

If u want to love me then darling, don't refrain
Do u need sometimes on your own?

You're not the only one...You're not the only one...You're not the only one...

I remember - Psycho Waltz

Love the flute solo in this song, remind me so much of Amorphis

I take a look now as we changed
After all we are still so much the same
Are we all the same?
Are we all the same?
Are we all the same?

Always will be - Hammerfall

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever
And u always will be...

I believe - Hammerfall

Is it too late to go in peace?
Maybe too late to find a way...
When the trail of griefs is marked with memories

Don't u cry - Kamelot

don't you cry
or suffer over me
I will be waiting for you
don't you cry
angels never fade away
I'll be watching over you
see you through

Carpe diem

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