Saturday, October 27, 2007


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Only 1 day spent in Bergen and the city didn't disappoint me. Being situated by the sea, it's the main trading port in Norway and was the largest city in Europe in medieval times. This info is quite a surprise considering its small size by nowadays standard; I could easily stroll around the city in half-a-day! I didn't notice any local trains or buses at all. The only train in the city is the Floibanen which goes up the Ulriken mountain every half-an-hour from where you have a splendid view to the city below. So what is Bergen famous for? It is the rainiest place in Norway because the city is surrounded by 7 mountains! yes, SEVEN! (and the fact is it rained on the day i was exploring the city as well). But tourists don't come here to see the rain, most people come to Bergen as a starting point to explore the fjords, except me. I came after the fjords tour and wanted to see nothing in particular, just wanted to relax after 1 week of travelling. However, the city has a charm. Uncrowded, beautiful, narrow stone passages... you name it. It made me feel like visiting a small fishing village yet the houses are as charming as from fairy tales. One of the most (if not the most) beautiful cities in the world...

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