Monday, March 27, 2006

In Flames & Sepultura @ Carling Academy Birmingham

Short review:

Dagoba was the band played the opening for the show. They are French. They are brutal. They are undergound... but they are very good, a promising band. IMHO, they were better than Sepultura and In Flames at that night. Heavy, simple guitar riffs with relentless double bass drum and astounding vocal... they blew everything away...

Sepultura was the next. They were legend but they music is not attractive enough nowadays... their new songs lack guitar solos - an important factor to distinguish a great band among loads of mediocre bands out there. But still there are Brazilian folk music elements so they can define themselves: We're Sepultura!

In Flames was the main character of the show. They played most of the song from Come Clarity 2006 album with hits like: Come through knives, Take this life, Come clarity. Some songs from "Reroute to Remain" like Trigger, Drifter and some from melodic death metal era like Moonshield, Only for the weak. I was quite disappointing with the vocal: it was almost lost! ... can't hardly hear it except in some semi-ballad songs...

Anyway, it was still a great show and it was a great pleasure to see they playing live in here - Birmingham.

Carpe diem


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